Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software in 2018

Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software in 2018

Data loss has become more common in today’s world due to the use of technology. It is one of the worst things that can happen to an individual or a business. A cyber-attack, natural calamities or errors are a few ways costly data can be lost in an organization. In cases like these, companies have to spend a huge amount of money with a data recovery company to rebuild their security systems. Besides this, the company’s reputation is at risk if any information falls into unauthorized hands.

Luckily, there are various ways to recover any data that is lost without incurring major costs. The right data recovery software will ensure that you retrieve any data with minimal challenges.

Discussed below are the best data recovery software to use in 2018

  1. Disk Drill

CleverFiles provide this recovery software. They are a well-known company in the technology industry across the world. Their free version can recover up to 500 MB of lost data. Documents, photos, and videos can be recovered within a short period. Disk Drill is functional on all Windows platforms which helps to salvage any data on internal or external storage devices. This software offers a recovery vault which acts as a backup for any deleted files. The tool helps to prevent any loss of data in the future. There are no extra charges incurred to get this feature.

  1. Photorec

Photorec is one of the best recovery software to work with. It can recover data from the majority of the platforms. Data lost from an ordinary hard disk or a digital camera can easily be retrieved using this software. Photorec has some advantages such as the ability to support different file formats in videos, pictures and other documents. It also allows users to input formats of their own choice.

  1. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar data recovery software is one of the most comprehensive programs. It supports close to three hundred file types including emails from ExFAT and FAT-based storage devices. This program recovers lost data from devices such as Flash disks, memory cards, hard disks and mobile phones. It is simple to use once downloaded. It also allows you to preview lost data before the recovery process begins.

  1. Test Disk

Test disk has excellent functionality and recovery features. It is designed to recover lost partitions and fix any issues on disks that do not reboot. Therefore, it is the best software in the market that can be used when retrieving data on a hard drive. However, it requires some level of expertise to run it on a computer.

  1. Recuva

It is currently the best free data recovery software you can get. All you need to do is install it on your computer. It has a simple interface and gets things done faster. It can be used to retrieve data that is significantly damaged. It is embedded with secure overwrite features.