Best Five Simple Steps to Recover Your Lost Data

Best Five Simple Steps to Recover Your Lost Data

Your PC/Laptop has been making a ticking sound for the last few days and now it’s getting louder. In addition, your web browsing seems to be taking longer than it should. The next day your machine wouldn’t even come up to the windows prompt. Well, welcome to the world of Hard Drive Failure!

You are now probably sweating bullets and are afraid that all your hard work has gone the way of the DODO.

But this is not necessarily true and today we are going to outline the correct way to get your hard driver’s data back should this catatonic failure happen to you.

We will outline the correct steps required to recover your data and get you back in business again.

5 Steps to get your data back

In this method, you don’t do really have to do much work at all.

  1. Stop trying to use the computer and shut it down now!
  2. If it is a drive that is not the C drive, don’t try to use the windows built-in tools to access or recover the drive. (See Step 1)
  3. Many people advocate taking out the hard drive and giving your drive a whack to loosen things up. More often than not, you’ll only make things worse.
  4. Don’t take a screwdriver out and try to see what’s what inside the drive. If you were to do so, all you would see is a brown disk and an arm that moves in and out. Moving this head without the drive moving will score the surface and lose your information forever. The magnetic heads, need to ride on a cushion of air and by opening it, you will break the seal.
  5. Do remove the drive if possible gently. For laptops, this may be impossible unless you have an access panel. In this case, you will be without your laptop for a bit.
  6. Wrap the drive in static-free wrapping. Static bags are also available at most electronic supply stores. Check with your local Radio Shack and they can probably help you. Then take the drive to your local reputable PC repair center. For example, “Nerds on Call” have centers all over the country and they will take care of your drive. If you look online, you’ll find a plethora of data centers that also recover damaged hard drives. There will be a charge and you need to weigh the value of your data to the cost of recovery.

This is the simplest method on the planet

I know what we have shown you is common sense and you should already know this. However, with all the software tools out there today, that claim to be able to recover your data. You will often get frustrated by the sheer number of vendors and claims. You can end up downloading 5 or more free tools, clutter your disk, and get nowhere near the results you want. What’s worse you can go out and buy a package and then find you spent a $100 bucks and get beautiful graphics and a great deal of functionality but most of them only work if the drive is up and running in the first place.

So save yourself a ton of cash, hours of frustration, and possibly losing your data and do it right in the first place and let data recovery specialists do the work for you and you’ll have peace of mind and you wouldn’t go crazy in the process.

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